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Kairos is the fusion of two sets of experience: the first derives from expertise in software solutions for professional service organisations; the second is based on the entrepreneurial vision of people who have been there, know the software industry and understand the needs of global innovative companies.

Together they understand both the product and the market and know how to put the customer at the center of the relationship.


leadership team

simone bartalesi

Chief Executive Officer

Strategist, Entrepreneur, Life Enthusiast

He occasionally runs marathons, practices wine-tasting and is passionate about statistics. Simone created his first company at 24 and is still all about big ideas and fast implementations.  His employees call him demanding, scrupulous and fair, his customers appreciate his experience and his hands on approach. The software he ideates is a reflection of his fast, flexible and practical thinking. Tech – Entrepreneur, he has put the digital in every business process and created a state of the art project management and performance software.

manuel vellutini

Strategic Advisor and Board Director

Communicator, Philomath, Natural Leader

Since graduating Cum Laude in Computer Science Manuel found many entrepreneurial ways to satisfy his vivacious, curious and resolute personality. Football and his involvement in Tau youth club, his passion. The conservation of beauty and the restoration of historical buildings, his art.  He was, with Marco, the driving force  behind Tagetik’s, number one supplier of Corporate Performance Management solutions, extraordinary  international expansion.  He successfully mixes business with pleasure and he is best known for his people skills reflected in the motivation of the teams he leads and the results of the endeavours he handles. An experienced Entrepreneur, living life in the fast lane.

Marco Pierallini

Strategic Advisor and Board Director

Aesthete , Visionary, World Citizen

Who has come across him on the ski slopes, tennis court or in a board meeting knows him to be competitive, meticulous and passionate. A foodie with wanderlust, though strongly involved in the local community (Lucca, Tuscany), Marco, who has a degree in computer science, travels the world for business and pleasure finding inspiration in every aspect.  As an entrepreneur he leads by example and leverages his passion, technology, to improve business processes and results. No idea too ambitious, no challenge too hard, all it takes is a  “yes we can” attitude.

Kairos worldwide

Marco Van Der Kooij

Managing Director Benelux

Athlete, Thought Leader, Entrepreneur

His dynamic personallity is reflected in his love for outdoor sports and his innovative approach to business consulting.
Marco started his working career in accountancy in 1987. Since 1988 he worked at various software vendors and consulting firms in HRM, ERP, CRM, Business Intelligence, Enterprise Performance Management and Advanced Analytics in research & development, consulting, project management, marketing, sales and management positions. In 2007 he started his own company in the Netherlands, which became a Tagetik distributor and was acquired by Tagetik later on. He is an entrepreneur, who likes to explore new software solutions for continuous modernization to make work more fun and easier. He is graduated in Business Economics, Marketing and Business Administration.


We believe strongly in fostering young talent and are always looking for creative individuals to join our team.


We believe strongly in fostering young talent and are always looking for creative individuals to join our team.

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