Kairos Asset Management is a software solution designed to manage physical assets in a dynamic, transparent and collaborative way. It is aimed at all organizations that want to monitor, book and maintain shared resources efficiently.

Choose a complete and integrated solution: get what you want and boost what you have.

Parametrizable and Customizable

Adaptable to any organizational model and industry, thanks to complete process parametrization and the opportunity to customize.

Reticular System

All the resources involved, internal and external, in a single integrated platform. Maintenance management is simple and effective in any location, thanks to web and mobile functionality.

UX Centered

UX maximized, thanks to highly intuitive navigation interface and consultation functions.

Functional Diagram

Kairos Asset Management is also Mobile

It has a Mobile App (Smartphone/Tablet) for the management of maintenance operations that allows:

  • Company Notice-board
  • Asset master query
  • Assets’ QrCode reading
  • Maintenance and opening request
  • Taking charge of the assigned operations
  • Maintenance management

Kairos Personas

Maintenance Manager

Automate the workflow of your maintenance operations to make work order management more effective, minimizing costs and reducing response times.

  • Assign tasks easily through an interactive, organized and flexible schedule system.
  • Manage maintenance intervention from mobile app.
  • Update inventory data in real-time.
  • Monitor KPIs and create intuitive and customizable reports.

Control Manager

Draw on all strategic information to plan structural investment in a dynamic and interactive way. Predict future investment needs easily and accurately.

  • Analyze individual business units with the support of aggregated data and costs.
  • Manage the efficiency of your assets.
  • Develop specific analysis to support business strategies.
  • Perform forecasting and budgeting with ease.

Purchasing Manager

Select qualified suppliers to define costs and guarantee reliable service and performance.

  • Ensures scouting, qualification and constant monitoring of suppliers.
  • Define and plan your sourcing strategy.
  • Easily manage contracts with external maintenance service providers.
  • Manage final data according to the contractual SLAs.

Maintenance Specialist

Manage your daily work schedule in a smooth and dynamic manner and ensure the optimization of the entire process.

  • Always keep your work under control, wherever you are.
  • Report on your activities comprehensively.
  • Draw on digital documentation for more effective intervention management.
  • Maintain a fluid and dynamic workflow.
Kairos Asset Management was the choice of JMG Cranes S.p.a.
Find out how JMG Cranes, a leading manufacturer of battery-powered electric self-propelled cranes, has made its maintenance management process efficient and reliable.


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  • Extraordinary failure costs
  • Assignment times
  • Work downtime
  • Intervention time
  • Time to monitor charges

Create and increase

  • The useful life of assets
  • Asset efficiency
  • Control and localization
  • Cost monitoring
  • Facilitate predictive maintenance

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