Kairos People has rolled a digital transformation of the HR processes in NT Food company.

Key Features

Industry: Food
Company Size: 150
Employees: Medium
Headquarters: Altopascio (LU)


Human Resources is a central asset for NT Food, which has always considered them a key element in its management approach. This philosophy is based on three main aspects: organisation, communication and transparency. The executive management, with the aim of implementing this philosophy at all the company levels, considered essential to adopt a technological solution for the management of Human Resources that accommodates these aspects. The introduction of HR software was also planned to respond to operational critical issues regarding process optimization and the cut of e-mail and spreadsheet-based management.


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Kairos People has rolled a digital transformation of the HR processes in NT Food company. The objectives of the software solution focused on specific functional areas:

  • Organizational chart: Definition of a dynamic hierarchical corporate organizational chart for the introduction of authorization processes.
  • Check-in/out monitoring: Access to check-In/out reports from part of the individual resources for a better control and timely corrections and elaborations.
  • Corporate communication: Improved the information and company document sharing at all levels thanks to the functionality to the Notice-board and to the Mobile App.
  • Safety at work: Management of regulatory compliance to the Legislative Decree 81/08 (medical examinations, devices of individual protection, training, …) and management of mandatory certification systems and volunteers.
  • Attendanche and leave management: Simplification of the application process and authorization of holidays and permits also through the use of the Kairos mobile app People.

Benefits and Results

The solution has been deployed by the HR department to 150 users resulting in the following benefits:

  • Centralized HR management: Kairos People allows to manage, in a single centralized solution, multiple HR needs
  • Elimination of data redundancy: a single, unified data repository containing HR information makes analysis easier and faster and improve the overall decsion making process.
  • Improved Corporate communications: dispatching news, corporate documents and updates happens smoothly making the the employees always informed and engaged in the companies growth.