Conad Nord Ovest implements Kairos Enterprise Asset Management

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Conad Nord Ovest, one of the main cooperatives within the Conad group, created in 2019 from the merger between Conad Tirreno and Nordiconad, implemented Kairos Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) for managing the maintenance of the company’s physical assets. The decision stemmed from the need to implement a lean and structured management system to achieve high levels of efficiency in the maintenance operations of warehouses and offices which are located throughout the country.

Kairos EAM was chosen because, in addition to being a solution designed to manage maintenance in a dynamic and collaborative way, including from mobile devices, it is parametrizable with a needs-based approach. In fact, through a single platform, it allows the management of all the resources involved, external and internal, including suppliers, with access via web to an integrated system that collects all the information necessary to carry out maintenance activities.

Kairos EAM is a solution from Kairos Software, a company founded with the aim of providing IT solutions suitable for global and innovative organizations and combining market knowledge and technology, always with the customer at the heart.