Kairos People is the software solution for those who consider “Human Capital” as the key to business success.

A solution with a straightforward but comprehensive and smart range of features that aims to enhance and manage human resources in a dynamic, transparent and collaborative way.

Attribute the right value to your resources and improve the corporate environment. Discover how to make HR processes lean, fast and effective through a single platform.


Personnel management in a mobile context and through a network of interconnected people. A complete suite at your fingertips, wherever you are.

Real Time HR

Value creation through real-time HR capital management with all the information centralized in a single system.

Collaboration and Employee Retention

Building an organizational culture that encourages active participation in the achievement of company performance through secure, fast and intuitive information sharing.

Functional Diagram

Kairos Personas


Improve the relationship between Company and Human Resources. Manage and value people in a strategic way.

  • Create a transparent corporate environment through a two-way communication system.
  • Retain and cultivate the best talent.
  • Encourage engagement in corporate objectives.
  • Promote internal networking.

HR Manager

Automate and streamline HR processes through a dynamic and flexible corporate organization.

  • Eliminate any errors and/or data duplication.
  • Get real-time information.
  • Stimulate the acquisition of new skills.
  • Streamline time management.
  • Ensure full visibility of processes for Human Resources.

Health, Safety & Environment Manager

To make corporate health and safety management effective, you need to provide a unified view of the organization.

  • Encourage information sharing and interaction.
  • Outline a safety management system clearly and comprehensively.
  • Create and plan training courses easily and establish health initiatives.
  • Monitor and manage deadlines for preventive and scheduled maintenance.

Control Manager

Improve the tracking of personnel costs through a single system, with an accurate picture of the current scenario and a clear view of the future.

  • Execute HR cost plans.
  • Support teams to improve budgeting and reporting regarding human resource costs and forecasting.
  • Monitor KPIs (turnover, absence, overtime, holiday).
  • Outline insights and provide analysis of corporate human resources through comprehensive and customizable reports.

Kairos People is also Mobile

Expand the software’s functionality with the Kairos People mobile App.
Let your staff manage timesheets, attendance, absences and expenses remuneration quickly and easily. Give them access to your calendar, integrated with Outlook or Google Calendar, and communicate with them in groups or one to one.

  • Company Noticeboard
  • Calendars (integration with MS Outlook and Google Calendar)
  • Employee Attendance
  • Travel Expenses
  • Opportunities
  • Check-in/out
  • Resources booking
  • Time sheets
Kairos People allows us to manage human resources comprehensively, guaranteeing maximum accessibility
and valid, reliable planning.

Matilde Giusti
Human Resources Management and Development - NT Food Company.


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  • Process authorization
  • Staff turnover
  • Workplace accidents
  • Time for staff selection
  • Administrative costs

Create and increase

  • Active participation
  • Dynamic structure
  • Shared knowledge and skills
  • Loyalty
  • Professional career growth

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