Kairos Software Solution: value from time and resources


Simone Bartalesi | Kairos Software CEO

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During my long experience in the field of organizational consulting in medium and large companies, I have discovered the existence of two opposing forces: on the one hand, the desire to find answers to specific organizational needs through the implementation of integrated management software solutions; on the other hand, the tendency to organize business processes based entirely on spreadsheets.

I believe that the causes of this imbalanced approach can be traced back to company size, process management, organizational culture, rigidity or the complexity of existing management software solutions; all factors that feed this destructive face-off.

The bigger the enterprise, the greater the significance of this contradiction. Section managers need to act in a way that is consistent with corporate strategy and management, a process which is complex by its very nature and cannot be achieved overnight.

As well as their size, it is the heterogeneity of processes and their lack of correlation that often fuel the emergence of corporate subsystems which are beyond the control of a centralized system. Human resources, for example, are an essential part of every business process, but they are often not managed centrally, creating redundancies and serious information gaps.

So the organizational culture is split. Companies invest in vertical cultural growth at the expense of the transversal dimension.

Transversal culture creates confidence in the overall corporate structure, in interactions, in the inputs and outputs of their processes and in the data available. The downside is the duplication of databases which are consistently out of date.

From a software point of view, on the other hand, companies often have to resort to different solutions aimed at managing in house, natively interconnected, organizational processes. This creates complex, partially integrated IT structures with different operational interfaces. All this inevitably generates an excessive quantity of files and data.

Out of these challenges grew the idea to design and develop a parametric software platform, able to give a complete functional response with greater adaptability and usability.

Thus was Kairos born, the platform that allows you to manage complex business processes in a simple and intuitive way. Its applications are manifold:

  • Kairos PSA – Professional Services Automation: enhances the control of time spent on projects.
  • Kairos PPM – Project Portfolio Management: enhances the integrated management of resources spent on projects.
  • Kairos People: enhances the organization and management of human resources on the move.
  • Kairos EAM – Enterprise Asset Management: enhances the organization and management of technical resources.
  • Kairos Audit: enhances the company’s organization, integrating processes and quality systems.

Kairos represents the ideal platform for companies that want to organize their processes, guaranteeing the desired effectiveness and significantly improving efficiency.

Integrated process management, a simple interface, a parametric system and natural adaptability make the Kairos Software solution suitable for all types of industry. The integration with BI systems, such as Microsoft Power BI, make the project 360° complete.