inside the webinar

The world of work is changing and will more radically change, following the global trends. This is accelerated by the impact of COVID-19. The adoption of emerging technologies and data-driven decision-making is causing a change in products, business models and is replacing human tasks. Skills that organizations are looking for in their people are changing. This effects the terms of employment, organizational culture and individual needs of employees as well as how organizations and society as a whole respond to this. It emphasizes the need to position HR and their business partners to drive the organization’s desired business outcomes effectively.


Learn how to:

  • Improve collaboration among teams and allocate resources in the right way
  • Compose High-Performance project teams for the Future of Work
  • Improve service delivery and interaction with customers
  • Leverage new technology for profitable growth at project-based professional services organizations

In this webinar, we will share thought-provoking insights on these developments and how to cope with these, including a case study with Marcello Mastrapasqua, IT-manager of Design Group Italy.

Featured speakers

Danny Gerritsen

Senior Manager Digital Transformation, PwC the Netherlands

Marco van der Kooij

Managing Director, Kairos Software Benelux