Kairos PSA is a software designed for medium and large service organizations whose work is project based. A simple and smart solution for time allocation and performance management, Kairos PSA brings the perfect combination of product and market experience, focused on the needs of your business.

People Centric

Human capital as a strategic asset for business success, a valuable element to improve core business processes.

Future Ready

Mobile, collaborative & cloud based for future growth and maximum usability wherever you are.

Project Intelligence

Highly configurable built-in project logics for fast implementation, ease of maintenance and valuable analysis.

Functional Diagram

Kairos Personas


Profitability and success are ambitious goals. Reach them with ease and support your insights through comprehensive business and performance management.

  • Manage your business performance through careful planning.
  • Manage corporate strategies with real-time data support.
  • Improve ability to forecast possible scenarios.
  • Measure the effects of your decisions and apply any corrective actions promptly.

Business Unit manager

Plan and evaluate the strategies of individual business areas, matching them with corporate performance targets.

  • Define current and future strategies: ensure operational efficiency.
  • Monitor and report on the performance of single divisions with the support of information and data aggregation.
  • Easily identify development areas and respond with effective action plans.
  • Easily assign workloads to resources to ensure timely delivery.

Control Manager

Analyze business processes and trends in depth and provide top management with the tools needed to make decisions.

  • Monitor profitability and economic efficiency and control related costs, analyzing operational indicators thoroughly.
  • Eliminate any margin of error through a targeted and immediate response to the various business processes.
  • Easily elaborate forecasts and action plans for the achievement of established business goals.
  • Provide lean, comprehensive reports.

HR Manager

Organization, 360° visibility and communication are key elements to streamline and automate HR processes.

  • Manage processes transparently.
  • Get up-to-date information in real time.
  • Define the corporate organizational chart and assign roles clearly and intuitively.
  • Improve management of health & safety and training.
“Analysis of fast profitability, time and cost monitoring and flexibility: Kairos PSA allows us to manage projects in a complete and intuitive way, optimizing the budget, by optimally allocating resources and allowing us to reduce billing and control time by 40%”

Marcello Mastrapasqua
IT Manager - Design Italia


  • Time and running costs
  • Inefficiency and redundancy
  • Planning times
  • Performance analysis times

Create and increase

  • Margins
  • Optimized cash flow
  • Corporate awareness
  • Definition of responsibilities

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