Softlab eliminates all spreadsheets, centralising HR and project time, leave and expense management in one platform and implements an organisation based workflow approval system.

Key Features

Industry: Information Technology
Company Size: Large
Employees: 800
Headquarters: Rome


The challenges faced by Softlab are similar to those of most services companies: managing activities and processes related to project delivery with manual methods (spreadsheets) and fragmented information systems with an inevitable risk of obtaining inconsistent and outdated data.

Softlab has to guarantee an adequate level of control with approved workflows based on a functional organization chart and with access to information based on roles.


Besides the functionalities necessary for efficient project  performance Softlab required a streamlined solution easy to personalize.

Softlab had  following micro goals:

Human Resources: centralize in one single platform time, leave and capacity management.

Project Marginality: monitor forecasts and final balances through monthly SALs, with the possibility to advance revenues and issue pre-invoices (integrating Kairos with accounting software)

Estimate: guarantee a correct estimate during the commercial phase with the drafting of feasibility studies based on verified costs

Inventory and Procurement: manage procurement requests and their allocation to cost centers.


Positive user feedback reveals that the implementation has introduced an improvement both in streamlining flows and in project performance monitoring. Kairos has enabled them to work more efficiently reducing down times thanks to more accurate and faster data collection and analysis.

Softlab obtained:

  • Optimal planning and reporting of time.
  • The strengthening of an integrated management.
  • The preventive and non-repetitive evaluation of costs.
  • The enhancement of work in progress with proper management by economic competence.


Kairos helped Softlab to reduce the complexity of managing projects thanks to:

  • Process automation
  • More precise and reliable information
  • Improved performance visibility
  • Time optimization and streamlining